Cherry Bud Workshop 2008

Yokohama, 25-28 March 2008
Proceedings of The Cherry Bud Workshop
Tuesday 25 March 2008
09.00Registration and Coffee/tea break
10.15Importance of Data Science in the field of pharmacogenomicsShigeo KamitsujiStaGen Co Ltd, Japan
11.00Statistics for climate prediction: uncertainty and biasesHans KünschETH Zurich, Switzerland
11.45Statistics of extremes in climate: reconciling theory with observationsRichard KatzNational Center for Atmospheric Research, USA
13.30A new project to foster joint Japanese-Australian discovery through Data Science for environmental and ecological managementCharis BurridgeCSIRO, Australia
14.15Ideas of DandDRitei ShibataKeio University, Japan
15.00Coffee/tea break
15.30Comparison of multivariate data representations: three eyes are better than one (Joint session)Antony Unwin
Natsuhiko Kumasaka
Augusburg University, Germany
Keio University, Japan
17.00Poster Session and Exploration of DandD World
DandD instance generation in the textile plot environmentNatsuhiko KumasakaKeio University, Japan
DandD environment for financial dataDaisuke YokouchiHitotsubashi University, Japan
Symmetric unimodal models for directional data motivated by inverse stereographic projectionToshihiro AbeKeio University, Japan
Relative error of the generalized Pareto approximation to Value-at-RiskSho NishiuchiKeio University, Japan
A structual credit risk valuation model with a multiple company debts structureRaphaël SalmonEcole Centrale Paris, France and Keio University, Japan
The generalized t-distribution on the circleHai-Yen SiewGraduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan
A Linkage analysis using high-density SNP marker dataYuki SugayaKeio University, Japan
18.00Welcome party
Wednesday 26 March 2008
09.00Analysing high-density SNP marker data for linkage with colo-rectal cancerIan SaundersCSIRO, Australia
09.45Statistical challenges to genome-wide association studyNaoyuki KamataniTokyo Women's Medical University and RIKEN, Japan
10.30Coffee/tea break
11.00On nonparametric variable selectionKjell DoksumUW-Madison, USA
11.45V-fold penalization: an alternative to V-fold cross-validationSylvain ArlotUniversite Paris Sud, France and UC Berkeley, USA
13.30Statistical methods for online monitoring in intensive careUrsula GatherUniversität Dortmund, Germany
14.15Detecting anomalies in sensor network dataRichard JarrettCSIRO, Australia
15.00Coffee/tea break
15.30Road surface characteristics and traffic accident rates on New Zealand's state highway networkRobert DaviesStatistics Research Associates Ltd, New Zealand
16.15Discovery of a structural model for neuronal activationHideyasu ShimadzuKeio University, Japan
18.30Workshop dinner
Thursday 27 March 2008
10.15Panjer's and related families of distributions in risk theoryKunio ShimizuKeio University, Japan
11.00Measuring volatility of non-normal returnsJohn RandalVictoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
11.45Education of Data Science in Keio SFC High SchoolKunihiro BabaKeio Shonan Fujisawa Junior and Senior High School, Japan
Friday 28 March 2008
09.00Analysis of a dataset for statistical disclosure control: application of a multi-index random partition modelMasaaki SibuyaKeio University, Japan
09.45Two nested families of skew-symmetric circular distributionsArthur PewseyUniversidad de Extremadura, Cáceres, Spain
10.30Coffee/tea break
11.00Scaling for skewness, with spin-offs and insightsChris JonesThe Open University, UK
11.45A family of asymmetric distributions on the circle with links to, and applications arising from, Möbius transformationShogo KatoKeio University, Japan
13.30Geysers, wind, financial returns and homicides; applications of hidden Markov modelsWalter ZucchiniGeorg-August-Universität, Germany
14.15Hidden Markov models for New Zealand hydro catchment inflows: a preliminary analysisPeter ThomsonStatistics Research Associates Ltd, New Zealand