K E I O   U N I V E R S I T Y d e p a r t m e n t   o f M A T H E M A T I C S


What's considered trendy today will most likely be old-fashioned in 10 years. However, studying in the Department of Mathematics is not one of them. Mathematics theorems retain the same value today as they were proven over 2,000 years ago. Some theorems have even increased their values thanks to the development of new science and technology. The basics of information technology are supported by number theory and discrete mathematics, and the knowledge of statistical science and probability theory is indispensable for analyzing massive amounts of data.

By learning such universally valuable studies, you can build a solid foundation of your perspective and worldview. This foundation includes many seeds of ideas that can be useful in society. We welcome not only those who want to pursue mathematics as an academic study but also those who wish to apply mathematical thought in society. What you earn here is highly valued in various fields of society.

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