Library Overview

It opens from 9:00 to 18:00 (M-F).

Faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students of the Department of Mathematics

Faculty members and Doctoral students / 24H (7 days a week including holidays)

Master's and undergraduate students / 9:00 - 18:00 (M-F)

However, the library use outside of open hours is available with the permission of the library staff or (applicable) faculty members.
The library may temporarily be closed after 17:00.

*Authority to unlock the security system is required in order to enter the 4th and 5th floor journal stock rooms and to enter the library after hours.
The unlocking authority is granted to:
Faculty members of the Department of Mathematics... ID Card
Students majoring in the Center for Mathematics, School of Fundamental Science and Technology ... Student ID Card

Those affiliated with the Faculty of Science and Technology other than above, those affiliated with other Faculties, and those unaffiliated with Keio University
/ 9:00-17:00 (M-F)

*The permission of the library staff or faculty members of the Department of Mathematics is required to enter 4th or 5th floor journal stock rooms.

Visitor use

  • If you are affiliated with other universities, please bring a letter of introduction issued by your university library. One letter is required for one day use, and reference materials need to be specified.
  • If you have Kanagawa region university library consortium's library card (神奈川県内大学図書館共通閲覧証), please present it. A letter of introduction is not required.For those other than above, please bring your ID (driver's license, health insurance card etc.).
  • If you are a member of The Mathematical Society of Japan (日本数学会), please present the membership card. You can read The Mathematical Society of Japan's exchange journals.
  • To enter the library, please fill out the "Application Form" at the counter and present your ID Card or a letter of introduction.

Borrowing/ Returning/ Renewal/Placing a Hold (Reservation)


  • An ID Card (Student ID Card for students) or a local library card is required to borrow items.
  • Co-researchers, visiting researchers, and emeritus can borrow items after their eligibility is confirmed at the Media Center.
  • For the loan rules, please refer to [Media Center for Science and Technology website] as we follow their rules.
    *Date slip use has been discontinued.


  • An ID Card (student ID card for students) or a local library card is required when you return items.
  • Please return items to the library counter.
  • You can return items to a book drop at the library entrance after the library hours (items other than books such as CDs and videos are excluded).
    *We charge you an overdue fine of 10 yen for an item per day (closed days also count) in case of delay.

Renewal/ Placing a Hold (Reservation)

  • Access to 'My Library' on the Media Center website or request at the library counter.