Library Information

Contact Information

3-14-1 Hiyoshi, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 223-8522 Japan (Yagami Campus)

Tel. 045-566-1639
FAX 045-566-1545
Book Stock Room/Reading Room 14th Building-535
Journal Stock Rooms 14th Building-435,14th Building-505


In 1978

Subjects handled

Mathematics, Information, and Statistics
- Classification (our own classification)

  1. General
  2. Logic & Foundation
  3. Set Theory
  4. Number Theory
  5. Algebra
  6. Algebraic Geometry
  7. Topology, Knot Theory
  8. Geometry
  9. Differential Topology & Global Analysis, Ergodic Theory, Chaos
  10. Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Optimization
  11. Real Analysis, Wavelets, Fourier Analysis, Pertubation
  12. Complex Analysis
  13. Functional Analysis
  14. Operator Theory
  15. Ordinary Differential Equations
  16. Partial Differential Equations
  17. Functional Equations, Special Functions
  18. Probability
  19. Statistics
  20. Numerical Analysis
  21. Compter Science
  22. Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics
  23. Others


General books, series books, reference books, journals, preprints (for the past two years as a standard), seminar reports, audiovisual materials, publications of the Department of Mathematics

The number of collections

Approximately 36,200 items (Including bound journals / About 95% is foreign language materials) (as of March 2018)

The number of journals

Approximately 420 items (95% is foreign journals)


This department's library consists of a book stock room, a reading room, and journal stock rooms. In the reading room, there is a bookshelf for newly arrived books and bookshelves for journals (main journals), and a computer is available for search, browsing the web, etc.

Book Stock Room

  • Books
  • Reference books, reference materials
  • Audiovisual materials
  • Series books (Graduate Texts in Mathematics, SGC Library)
  • Text books
  • High school textbooks

Journal Stock Rooms

4th Floor Journal Stock Room

  • Bound journals
  • Collection of reports
  • Preprint
  • Lecture Notes in Mathematics[A/L471/#]
  • Materials (NotForLoan)

5th Floor Journal Stock Room

  • Series books (excluding LNM, GTM, and SGC libraries)

A list of series books collections

  • Advanced studies in pure mathematics [A/A244-2/#]
  • Annals of Mathematics studies [A/A613/#]
  • Asterisque [A/A853/#]
  • Banach Center Publication [A/B212/#]
  • Contemporary Mathematics [A/C761/#]
  • Graduate Texts in Mathematics [A/G733/#]
  • Grundlehren der Mathematischen Wissenschaften [A/G889/#]
  • Handbook of Statistics [T/H236-2/#]
  • IMS Lecture Notes : Monograph Series [T/I34/#]
  • Lecture Notes in Physics [Y/L471/#]
  • Lecture Notes in Statistics [T/L471/#]
  • London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series [A/L847-2/#]
  • Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society [A/M533/#]
  • MSJ Memoirs [A/M939/#]
  • Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics [A/P963-2/#]
  • Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics [A/P963/#]
  • Publications Mathematiques [A/P976/#]
  • Seminaire Bourbaki [A/S471/#]
  • Symposia Mathematica [A/S989/#]
  • RIMS Kokyuroku (Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University
  • Sophia kokyuroku in mathematics (Class of Mathematics (数学教室), Sophia University)

*We will inform you when there is any change on location.