What is Mathematical Science?

Our "Department of Mathematics" is in fact a department of "Mathematical Science". What is mathematical science?

Mathematics arose from the natural human desire to unlock the wonders of numbers and diagrams, and is one of the oldest fields of study.

Mathematical Science is the collective term for the many fields of study that have been established at the boundary between mathematics and various sciences.

Our department has two major: Mathematics and Statistics. In Mathematics we learn various fields of pure mathematics such as mathematical analysis, geometry, and algebra. In addition, we explore possible applications in the natural sciences. In Statistics we place an emphasis on building statistical expertise that can help solve many problems in engineering and social sciences.

Graduate programs leading to master's and doctoral degrees are also offered. Students can work for Master's or Doctorates in either Science or Engineering, according to their degree objectives. Our staff includes specialists in functional analysis, complex analysis, differential equations, differential geometry, topology, probability theory, ergodic theory, algebra, number theory, graph theory, combinatorics, statistics and computer science. They are qualified to supervise student work leading to master's and doctoral degrees.