KEIO University 21st Century COE Program "Integrative Mathematical Sciences:Progress in Mathematice Motivated by Natural Phenomena"
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1. The objective of the program
From 2002, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology started the so-called "21st Century COE Program" that aims at promoting the construction of international educational and research bases in several selected universities for each field of sciences. COE stands for "Center Of Excellence". Our program has started in August, 2003 in the category of "Mathematics, Physics and Earth Sciences" for five years. The Integrative Mathematical Sciences is to open a new horizon to mathematical sciences by challenging to model various natural and social phenomena through data. The core of our program is fundamental mathematics including non-commutative geometry, global analysis, dynamics and nonlinear optimization. The core is wrapped with data science and experimental mathematics. The data science plays a role of an interface to various phenomena by means of data. The experimental mathematics supports experimental aspect of mathematical sciences, including computer experiments and numerical evaluation. The main objective of our program is to integrate such three different aspects of mathematical sciences.

2. Transversal research projects
To integrate different interests of the 26 members not only from department of mathematics but also from department of economics, the following two transversal projects are going in this COE program.
1. Non-commutative manifold and discrete geometric objects in the framework of non-commutative geometry
The main objective of this project is to establish an integrative theory of non-commutative manifold by expanding the successful non-commutative geometry approach to Index theorem, Gauge theory and Integrable systems.
2. Mathematical modelling of various phenomena driven by data science
The main objective of this project is to develop mathematics by modeling various nonlinear phenomena through data. Our interest is ranging over natural phenomena like typhoon or earthquakes, social phenomena like trading in financial markets, and biological phenomena like neural networks or ecosystems.

3. International Alliance

Our program also involves international cooperation with other educational or research organizations. It is not only for activating our research projects but also for giving a good opportunity for Ph.D. candidates and postdoctoral fellows to challenge front-line research subjects, working with world-class international researchers while gaining international experience.

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