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Transversal Research Project 2: Mathematical Modelling of Various Phenomena Driven by Data Science

Leader: Ritei Shibata
Sub Leader: Makoto Maejima

Aim of the project
The aim of Transversal Research Project 2 is to establish an international institution for research and education in the field of mathematical modelling of various phenomena driven by Data Science. In particular, we are interested in the phenomena like activation of neural networks, destruction phenomena, and dynamical phenomena in financial market. Two common aspects of those phenomena are in the large volume and in the complexity. We concentrate our attention into finding out a good way from data to model and accumulate our experiences in the modelling of such massive and complex phenomena. We hope that such activities in our project result in further development of mathematics and mathematical analysis in conjunction with the transversal research project 1.

We are planning to organise several international workshops every year. We expect that such workshops will not only stimulate the members but also PhD students in our project.

We hope that this project will not only accelerate our research activities but also create a new educational program "Integrative Mathematical Sciences Rooted in Real Phenomena" in our graduate school, which can be extended over our campus.

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