Graph Realization Programs

Graph Realization Problem (GRP) is the following:
    Given a {0,1}-matrix A,
    decide whether A is a fundamental circuit matrix of a certain graph or not, and if so, construct such a graph.

The source codes below, written by Takahiro Ohto in 2003, implement two almost linear-time algorithms by Bixby and Wagner[1] and Fujishige[2]. See [3,4] for details.
Please check README file before using the programs.

Source Codes in J2SE 1.4

[1] R. E. Bixby and D. K. Wagner, An almost linear-time algorithm for graph realization, Mathematics of Operations Research, Vol.13 (1988), pp.99-122.
[2] S. Fujishige, An efficient PG-graph algorithm for solving the graph-realization problem, Journal of Computer and System Sciences, Vol.21 (1980), pp.63-86.
[3] T. Ohto, An Experimental Analysis of the Bixby-Wagner Algorithm for Graph Realization Problems (in Japanese), 2002-AL-84, pp.1-8.
[4] T. Ohto, Algorithms and Data Structures for Graph Realization Problems (in Japanese), Master Thesis, University of Tokyo, 2003.

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