Probability theory and ergodic theory

Probability theory and ergodic theory are closely connected, but separate areas of research. Topics that our staff in this area are currently working on are as follows.

  1. The study of the classification of infinitely divisible distributions which are distributions of Lévy processes.
  2. The study of the fact that a diffusion process in a random medium changes its properties more dramatically than when the medium is not random.
  3. The study of the third principle of probability theory which is termed the large deviation principle.
  4. The study of a variety of mechanical properties that appear in number theory, probability theory, geometry, functional analysis, etc, from the standpoint of ergodic theory or measure theory.

Fields of study ; Stochastic process, stochastic differential equation, Markov process, statistical mechanics, ergodic theory

  • NAKADA,Hitoshi(Professor)

    Research  :  Ergodic theory, metric number theory
    Office  :  14-742
    Tel  :  ext.42745
    E-mail  : 

  • TAMURA,Yozo (Professor)

    Research  :  Probability theory, large deviation, random environment
    Office  :  14-442
    Tel  :  ext.42743
    E-mail  : 

  • SAKAGAWA,Hironobu (Associate Professor)

    Research  :  Probability theory, statistical mechanics
    Office  :  14-738
    Tel  :  ext.47756
    E-mail  : 

  • SASADA,Makiko (Assistant Professor)

    Research  :  Hydrodynamic limit, interacting particle systems, Hamiltonian systems with stochastic noise
    Office  :  14-634
    Tel  :  ext.42748
    E-mail  : 

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