About our library

Utilization Time Guide (Library / Book storeroom)

Yagami Campus, 3-14-1 Hiyoshi Kohoku-ku Yokohama, 223-8522 JAPAN [Map]

  • Telephone number: +81-45-566-1639
  • Fax number: +81-45-566-1545
  • Office, Reading room and Book stack room: Room no. 14-535
  • Stack room: Room no. 14-435

About our library

Our library in Department of Mathematics consists of a reading room, a book stack room and a general stack room. The library was established in 1978 and possesses books, journals, preprints(basically for the last two years), seminar reports, audio-visual materials, issues of Department of Mathematics. There are about 32,000 books including bound journals and 95 % of them are foreign materials(August 2010). Also there are about 420 title of journals and 95 % of them are foreign materials.

Reading room (room no. 14-535)

The reading room has shelves dedicated respectively to new books and journals, etc. There are several personal computers in the reading room and you can search for books and enjoy web pages.

Book stack room (room no. 14-535)

  • Books
  • Reference books, Reference materials
  • Audio-visual materials
  • Serial books (except Lecture Notes in Mathematics)

Stack room (room no. 14-435)

  • Journals
  • Research reports
  • Preprints
  • Lecture Notes in Mathematics
  • Serial books in Book stack room (room no. 14-535)

    • Serial books "Lecture Notes in Mathematics" are in Stack room (room no. 14-435).

    Title Classification
    Advanced studies in pure mathematics[A/A244-2/#]
    Annals of Mathematics studies[A/A613/#]
    Banach Center Publication[A/B212/#]
    Contemporary Mathematics[A/C761/#]
    Graduate Texts in Mathematics[A/G733/#]
    Grundlehren der Mathematischen Wissenschaften[A/G889/#]
    Handbook of Statistics[T/H236-2/#]
    IMS Lecture Notes : Monograph Series[T/I34/#]
    Lecture Notes in Physics[Y/L471/#]
    Lecture Notes in Statistics[T/L471/#]
    London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series[A/L847-2/#]
    Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society[A/M533/#]
    MSJ Memoirs[A/M939/#]
    Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics[A/P963-2/#]
    Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics[A/P963/#]
    Publications Mathematiques[A/P976/#]
    Reviews in Global Analysis[I/R454/#]
    Reviews in Graph Theory[J/R454/#]
    Reviews in Number Theory[D/L657/#][,D/R454/#]
    Reviews in Partial Differential Equations[P/R454/#]
    Seminaire Bourbaki[A/S471/#]
    Symposia Mathematica[A/S989/#]
    Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians (reference only)[A/Z100/#]
    RIMS Kokyuroku (Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University)[No codes]
    Sophia Kokyuroku in Mathematics (Department of Mathematics, Sophia University)[No codes]
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