Research Report 1990-1999

"Research Report" is a preprint series issued from our department. Click the serial number of each article to download the PDF file.


99/003 S. Shimomura, Value Distribution of Painleve Transcendents of the First and the Second Kind, KSTS/RR-99/003, Nov. 11, 1999
99/002 S. Shimomura, Oscillation Results for n-th Order Linear Differential Equations with Meromorphic Periodic Coefficients, KSTS/RR-99/002, Oct. 28, 1999
99/001 H. Omori, Y. Maeda, N. Miyazaki, A. Yoshioka, Anomalous Exponent for Convergent Star-product on Frechet-Poisson Algebras, KSTS/RR-99/001, Oct. 25, 1999
98/009 T. Kumada, L. Hannes, Y. Kurita, M. Matsumoto, New Primitive t-nomials (t = 3, 5) over GF(2) Whose Degree Is a Mersenne Exponent,KSTS/RR-98/009, August 18, 1998
98/008 S. Ishikawa, T. Iida, A System Theoretical Characterization of Factor Analysis,KSTS/RR-98/008, June 27, 1998
98/007 S. Ishikawa, Statistics in Measurements, KSTS/RR-98/007, June 27, 1998
98/006 M. Maejima, K. Sato, T. Watanabe, Completely Operator Semi-Selfdecomposable Distributions, KSTS/RR-98/006, June 12, 1998
98/005 T. Kawazoe, Wavelet Transforms Associated to the Analytic Continuation of the Holomorphic Discrete Series of a Semisimple Lie Group, KSTS/RR-98/005, June 12, 1998
98/004 M. Maejima, K. Sato, T. Watanabe, Operator Semi-Selfdecomposability, (C, Q)-Decomposability and Related Nested Classes, KSTS/RR-98/004, April 17, 1998
98/003 S. Koyama, Prime Geodesic Theorem for Arithmetic Compact Surfaces, KSTS/RR-98/003, April 17, 1998
98/002 S. Shimomura, A Confluent Hypergeometric System Associated with $\Phi_3$ and a Confluent Jordan-Pochhammer Equation, KSTS/RR-98/002, Mar. 11, 1998
98/001 M. Omori, Y. Maeda, N. Miyazaki, A. Yoshioka, Groups of Quantum Volume Preserving Diffeomorphisms and Their Berezin Representation, KSTS/RR-98/001, Mar. 11, 1998
97/013 M. Maejima, K. Sato and T. Watanabe, Remarks on semi-selfsimilar processes, KSTS/RR-97/013, December 1, 1997
97/012 Y. Tonegawa, On the regularity of a chemical reaction interface, KSTS/RR-97/012, September 25, 1997
97/011 K. Fujiwara, The second bounded cohomology of a group acting on a Gromov-hyperbolic space, KSTS/RR-97/011, September 25, 1997
97/010 K. Fujiwara and A. Nevo, Maximal and pointwise ergodic theorems for word-hyperboic groups, KSTS/RR-97/010, September 25, 1997
97/009 S. Ishikawa, Fuzzy logic in measurements, KSTS/RR-97/009, September 24, 1997
97/007 K. Nishioka, T. Tanaka and Z.- Y. Wen, Substitution in two symbols and transcendence, KSTS/RR-97/007, July 14, 1997
97/006 T. Tanaka, Algebraic independence results related to linear recurrences, KSTS/RR-97/006, July 14, 1997
97/005 M. Maejima and K. Sato, Semi-selfsimilar processes, KSTS/RR-97/005, June 2, 1997
97/004 M. Maejima and Y. Naito, Semi-selfdecomposable distributions and a new class of limit theorems, KSTS/RR-97/004, June 2, 1997
97/003 H. Omori, Y. Maeda, N. Miyazaki and A. Yoshioka, Poincare-Cartan class and deformation quantization of Kaehler manifolds, KSTS/RR-97/003, June 2, 1997
97/002 Y. Maeda, S. Rosenberg and P. Tondeur, Minimal orbits of metrics, KSTS/RR-97/002, June 2, 1997
97/001 M. Nakano, On an n-th order linear ordinary differential equation with a turning-singular point, KSTS/RR-97/001, June 2, 1997
94/001 H. Takayanagi, A Note on Satake parameters of Siegel modular forms of degree 2, KSTS/RR-94/001, March 31, 1994
93/002 K. Fujiwara, Laplacians on A Graph, KSTS/RR-93/002, March 16, 1993
93/001 H. Takayanagi, On Standard $L$-Functions attached to ALt$^{n-1}$({\cal C}^n$)-valued Siegel modular forms, KSTS/RR-93/001, February 17, 1993
92/007 Y. Maeda, S. Rosenberg, and P. Tondeur, The Mean Curvature of Gauge Orbits, KSTS/RR-92/007, November 12, 1992
92/006 H. Omori, Y. Maeda, and A. Yoshioka, Existence of a Closed Star Product, KSTS/RR-92/006, September 30, 1992
92/005 H. Kozono, Y. Maeda, and H. Naito, On the Existance of a Global Solution for the Yang-Mills Gradient Flow on 4-Manifolds, KSTS/RR-92/005, September 30, 1992
92/004 H. Omori, Y. Maeda, and A. Yoshioka, A Poincare-Birkhoff-Witt Theorem for Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebra, KSTS/RR-92/004, June 4, 1992
92/003 H. Omori, Y. Maeda, and A. Yoshioka, On a Construction of Deformation Quantization of Poisson Algebra, KSTS/RR-92/003, June 4, 1992
92/002 N. Kikuchi Holder estimates of solutions for differential equations of elliptic-parabolic type, KSTS/RR-92/002, April 25, 1992
92/001 H. Takayanagi Vector valued Siegel modular forms and their L-functions; Application of a Didderential operator, KSTS/RR-92/001, March 23, 1992
91/007 H. Omori, Y. Maeda, and A. Yoshioka, The Uniqueness of Star-products on $P_n(C)$, KSTS/RR-91/007, October 24, 1991
91/006 H. Kano and I. Shiokawa, Rings of Normal and Nonnormal Numbers, KSTS/RR-91/006, September 10, 1991
91/005 H. Kano, A Remark on Wagner's Rings of Normal Numbers, KSTS/RR-91/005, September 10, 1991
91/004 H. Omori, Y. Maeda, and A. Yoshioka, Deformation Quantization of Poisson Algebras, KSTS/RR-91/004, September 1, 1991
91/003 T. Kawazoe, A relation between the logarithmic derivatives of riemann and Selberg zata functions and a proof of the riemann hypothesis under an assumption on a discrete subgroup of $SL(2, R)$ , KSTS/RR-91/003, August 9, 1991
91/002 S. Koyama, Selberg zeta functions and Ruelle operator for function fields, KSTS/RR-91/002, September 1, 1991
91/001 H. Omori, Y. Maeda, and A. Yoshioka, Non-commutative complex projective space, KSTS/RR-91/001, February 18, 1991
90/008 I. Shiokawa, Pade Approximations to Certain Power Series, KSTS/RR-90/008, December 17, 1990
90/007 Y. Nakai and I. Shiokawa, A Class of Normal Numbers, KSTS/RR-90/007, December 17, 1990
90/006 K. Kuroda abd H. Tanemura, Limit Theorem and Large Deviation Principle for Voronoi tessellation generated by Gibbs point process, KSTS/RR-90/006, December 1, 1990
90/005 T. Kawazoe, Szego Operators and a Paley-Wiener Theorem on SU(1,1) , KSTS/RR-90/005, September 14, 1990
90/004 T. Takahashi, H. Tsubaki and M. Sibuya, Monte-Carlo Computation of Multivariate t Probabilities, KSTS/RR-90/004, March 20, 1990
90/003 R. Shibata and M. Takagiwa, New Environment for Statistical Interface (NESI), KSTS/RR-90/004, March 20, 1990
90/002 R. Shibata, M. Sibuya and M. Takagiwa, D & D examples, KSTS/RR-90/002, March 20, 1990
90/001 R. Shibata, M. Sibuya and M. Takagiwa, Data and Description Rule, KSTS/RR-90/001, February 7, 1990