Research Report 1984-1989

"Research Report" is a preprint series issued from our department. Click the serial number of each article to download the PDF file.


89/002 M. Kanai, Differential-Geometric Studied on Dynamics of Geodesic and Frame Flows, KSTS/RR-89/002, July 17, 1989
89/001 M. Umehara and K. Yamada, Harmonic non-holomorphic maps of 2-tori into the 2-sphere, KSTS/RR-89/001, January 31, 1989
88/008 S. Ishikawa, Uncertainly relations in simultaneous measurements for arbitrary observables, KSTS/RR-88/008, 1988
88/007 M. Umehara and K. Yamada, Gauss maps of compact surfaces with constant mean curvatures, KSTS/RR-88/007, May 16, 1988
88/006 I. Aredon, TaO of TeX: Notes for the Macintosh , KSTS/RR-88/006, April 18, 1988
88/005 H. Tanaka, Time reversal of random walks in one-dimension , KSTS/RR-88/005, April 19, 1988
88/004 H. Kozono, Y. Maeda, and H. Naito, A Stable Manifold Theorem for the Yang-Mills Gradient Flow, KSTS/RR-88/004, March 22, 1988
88/003 I. Aredon, The TaO of TeX: Notes for Formulas, Paer I, KSTS/RR-88/003, March 12, 1988
88/002 I. Aredon, The TaO of TeX, KSTS/RR-88/002, Februrary 18, 1988
88/001 M. Kanai, A pinching theorem for cusps of negatively curved maniforleds with finiet volume, KSTS/RR-88/001, January 26, 1988
87/011 T. Nodera, The use of a CGS method for the convection deffusion problem, KSTS/RR-87/011, December 16, 1987
87/010 M. Kanai, Tensorial Ergoficity of geodesic flow, KSTS/RR-87/010, December 16, 1987
87/009 W Hardle, XpoloRe- a computing environment fot eXploratory Regression and density smoothing, KSTS/RR-87/009, October 29, 1987
87/008 K. Yamada, Complete space-like surface in the Minkowski 3-space with constant mean curvature, KSTS/RR-87/008, October 6, 1987
87/007 I Shiokawa, Asymptotic distributions of digits in integers, KSTS/RR-87/007, September 24, 1987
87/006 K. Nishimura and M. Sibuya, Probability to meet in the middle, KSTS/RR-87/006, August 16, 1987
87/005 H. Tanemura, Ergodicity for an infinite particle system in $R^d$ of jump type with hard core interaction, KSTS/RR-87/005, June 23, 1987
87/004 T. Nagasawa, On the asymptotic behavior of one-dimensional motion of the polytropic ideal gas with stress-free condition, KSTS/RR-87/004, May 6, 1987
87/003 H. Nakanishi, K. Hayashi, and H. Mori, Topologgical classification of unknotted ring defects , KSTS/RR-87/003, May 6, 1987
87/002 K. Nishimura and M. Sibuya, Occupancy with two types of balls, KSTS/RR-87/002, May 6, 1987
87/001 M. Kanai, Geodesic Flows of Negatively Curved Manifolds with Smooth Stable and Unstable Foliations, KSTS/RR-87/001, March 25, 1987
86/011 G. Nakamura and Y. Maeda, Local smooth isometric embeddings of low dimensional Riemannian maniforlds into Euclidian spaces, KSTS/RR-86/011, October 22, 1986
86/010 T. Kawazoe, Discrete Part of $L^P$ Functions on SU(1,1), KSTS/RR-86/010, October 8, 1986
86/009 R. Shibata, Criteria of Statistical Model Selection, KSTS/RR-86/009, August 27, 1986
86/008 T. Nagasawa, Global asymtotics of the outer pressure problem of free type, KSTS/RR-86/008, July 27, 1986
86/007 K. Yamada, Minimal tori in $S^3$ whose lines of curvature lie in $S^2$, KSTS/RR-86/007, June 27, 1986
86/006 K. Kuroda and H. Manaka Limit Theorems related to the Interface of the three-dimensional Ising Model, KSTS/RR-86/006, June 19, 1986
86/005 T. Kawata On generalized harmonic analysis in $R^n$, KSTS/RR-86/005, May 7, 1986
86/004 M. Kanai, Analytic Inequalities, and Rough Isometries Between Non-compact Riemannian Manifolds, KSTS/RR-86/004, March 17, 1986
86/003 Y. Kasahara and M. Maejima, Limit Theorems for Weighted Sums of I.I.D. Random Variables with Applications to Self-Similar Processes, KSTS/RR-86/003, March 4, 1986
86/002 S. Ishikawa, Tauberian theorems and Hausdorff-Young's inequality, KSTS/RR-86/002, Februrary 19, 1986
86/001 Y. Kato and T. Kawata, A remark on the central limit theorem for Weyl automorphism, KSTS/RR-86/001, January 24, 1986
85/019 K. Hayashi, Hamiltonian version of the seifert conjector, KSTS/RR-85/019, December 18, 1985
85/018 M. Nagasawa and H. Tanaka, Diffusion with Interactions and Collisions betweenColoured Particles and the Propagation of Chaos, KSTS/RR-85/018, November 30, 1985
85/017 S. Kanagawa, The rate of convergence for approximate solutions of stochastic differential equations, KSTS/RR-85/017, November 28, 1985
85/016 T. Nagasawa, On the outer pressure problems of the one-dimensional polytropic idea gas, KSTS/RR-85/016, October 30, 1985
85/015 K. Hayashi, Z2 Equivariant Cohomology and its Applications to Orthogonal geodesic chords, KSTS/RR-85/015, October 27, 1985
85/014 I. Shiokawa, Rational approximations to Rogers-Ramanujian continued fraction, KSTS/RR-85/014, September 27, 1985
85/013 O. Kobayashi, A Willmore type problem for $S^2$ x $S^2$, KSTS/RR-85/013, August 24, 1985
85/012 S. Ishikawa, Generalized Hilbert transforms in tempered distributions, KSTS/RR-85/012, August 9, 1985
85/011 O. Kobayashi, On large scalar curvature, KSTS/RR-85/011, June 15, 1985
85/010 A. Aiba and M. Nakanishi, Machine Language for the reduction machine reducingrecursive program, KSTS/RR-85/010, June 14, 1985
85/009 S. Ishikawa, Hilber transforms on one parameter groups of operators II, KSTS/RR-85/009, June 7, 1985
85/008 Y. Saisho, Stochastic Differential Equations for Multi-dimensional Domain with reflecting boundary, KSTS/RR-85/008, May 31, 1985
85/007 T. Kawazoe, Fourier Coefficients of $L^P$ Functions on SU(1,1), KSTS/RR-85/007, May 22, 1985
85/006 K. Kodaka, K-theory for the $C^*$-algebras of discreat Heisenberg group, KSTS/RR-85/006, May 2, 1985
85/005 S. Ishikawa, Hilbert transforms on one parameter groups of operators, KSTS/RR-85/005, April 24, 1985
85/004 M. Maejima, Sojourns of multidimensional Gaussian processes with dependent components, KSTS/RR-85/004, March 1, 1985
85/003 J. Herath, H. Mizuba, N. Sato, K. Toda, Y. Yamaguchi, and T. Yuba, Novel Parallel Implementation of (condition)/(while do loop) Expressions using Petri Net Models , KSTS/RR-85/003, February 9, 1985
85/002 Y. Kasahara and M. Maejima, Functional limit theorems for weighted sums of i.i.d random variables , KSTS/RR-85/002, January 26, 1985
85/001 T. Nagasawa, ON the one-dimensional motion of the polytropic ideal gas non-fixed on the boundary , KSTS/RR-85/003, February 9, 1985
84/006 J. Herath, N. Sato, K. Toda, Y. Yamaguchi, and T. Yuba, Not (Operation): A Solution to Matching Bottleneck Problem in Dataflow Computing Models KSTS/RR-84/006, December 24, 1984
84/005 J. Bricmont, K. Kuroda, and J. L. Lebowitz, First order phase transitions in lattice and continuous systems: Extension of Pirogov-Sinai theory KSTS/RR-84/005, December 3, 1984
84/004 M. Maejima and S.T. Rachev, An ideal metric and the rate of convergence to a self-similar process , KSTS/RR-84/004, November 29, 1984
84/003 A. Inoue and M. Maeda, On integral transformations associated with a certain lagrangian , KSTS/RR-84/003, November 28, 1984
84/002 I. Shiokawa, Rational approximations to the values of certain hypergeometric functions KSTS/RR-84/002, November 27, 1984
84/001 T. Kawata, Lipshitz classes of periodic stochastic processes and Fourier series KSTS/RR-84/001, November 27, 1984