International Workshop on Ergodic Theory of Number Theoretic Transformations and Related Topics
Keio University, Yokohama 17-20 December 2003

Wednesday 17 December 2003

13:30-14:20Opening Address: Ergodic theory of multidimensional continued fractionsF. Schweiger (Salzburg)
14:30-15:20Large deviations for countable to one Markov systemsM. Yuri (Sapporo)
15:50-16:40The waiting time for the irrational translationD.H.Kim (KIAS)
16:50-17:40On phi-mixing property of beta-transformationsH. Nakada
(Keio Univ.)

Thursday 18 December 2003

09:30-10:20Strong convergence of additive MCF algorithmsK. Nakaishi(Tokyo)
10:30-11:20Fractals and tilings in ergodic theory I- on Doiphantine apploximations -Sh. Ito (Kanazawa)
13:30-14:20Commensurable continued fractionsT. Schmidt (Oregon)
14:30-15:20On the group extension of the non-archimedean continued fraction transformationR. Natsui (Keio)
15:50-16:40Short communications:Asymptotic behaviors of the first return time of translaitons on a torusB.K. Seo (KAIST)
 On the central limit theorem for non-archimedean diophantine approximatioinsE. Deligero (Keio)
16:50-17:40On a measure preserving transformation acting on the limit set of a Kleinian group (joint work with Bernd O. Stratmann)M. Stadlbauer

Friday 19 December 2004

09:30-10:20Discrepancy of sequences generated by dynamical systemM. Mori (Nihon)
10:30-11:20Fractals and tilings in ergodic theory II - on Pisot substitutions Sh. Ito (Kanazawa)
13:30-14:20A new continued fraction algorithm with non-decreasing partial quotients. (joint work with Fritz Schweiger, Jun Wu, and Yusuf Hartono)C. Kraaikamp (Deft)
14:30-15:20Ergodic measures and entropies for SRB-attractorJ. Hatomoto (Tokyo Metropolitan)
15:50-16:40On the geometry of Markoff numbers: an approach to the three dimensional caseR. Abe
16:50-17:40Design of rigorous computer simulations of dynamical systems based on the Lyapunov exponentG. H. Choe

Saturday 20 December 2004

09:30-10:20An atomic surface of an invertible substitution of rank d and its boundaryH. Ei (Chuo)
10:30-11:20Fractals and tilings in ergodic theory III - on beta expansions - Sh. Ito (Kanazawa)
11:30-12:20Closing Address: The binomial transformationM.S. Keane (Amsterdam, Keio, Wesleyan)